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Nagoya, 2010


Many artists who were invited to the 1st Aichi Triennale were offered the option of occupying spaces in the commercial district (for fabrics and umbrellas) called Choja-Machi. Wave‘s extension was imprecise, as beyond interventions on awnings and backlit panels around the area, printed fabrics (cotton, silk, and satin)  and umbrellas were produced to be distributed in some of the local stores. Consumed in place but taken to other parts, these elements acquired meaning through usage and expanded the work’s field. A wave of undetermined duration as well.


In an empty store, I put together a kind of showroom with all materials produced for Wave, and at the same place, we exhibited the video with Yamanaka-san, owner of a local fabrics store who kindly presented the colorful fabrics, commenting on their characteristics and possible usages. However, all items were sold only by neighboring stores, assimilated by the local commerce. In the summer heat at Nagoya, the usual black umbrellas shared space with other colors, and the umbrellas with color transitions inspired by ukiyoe prints spread through town.