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Sharjah 2013


Conversion was installed at Bait Al Hurma, a small house attached to a large empty courtyard. We designed a roof structure (steel beams + panels), with frames filled with colored filters for cinema. Each filter operated a conversion of the color temperature of light, their effects creating new atmospheres. The unique source of (natural) light that illuminates that space was fragmented into a multiple range of shades and appearances: from a sodium vapor light to a golden sunset, from a dark cloud shadow to a twilight hour glow, all simultaneously affecting the experience of people visiting the place. The pieces seemed to fold and unfold just like the gesture repeated by Muslim prayers in the Shia mosque beside the house: each panel was fixed at a different angle with the floor and ceiling, and some were hung vertically as transparent obstacles for the eye and body. Not a very functional roof, open and articulated like a living thing.