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Mood Disorder

New Orleans, 2014


When you visit the basement of the Center for Contemporary Arts – NOLA, you find there all kinds of materials, leftovers from past exhibitions. Digging for available materials for my project to be installed at the CAC as part of Prospect 3 – Notes for Now, I asked them there to have a look in the basement, and found a sort of improvised storage with many clear plexi and glass sheets, apparently useless, just what I needed for my work.


Mood Disorder was a set of color gradients painted with airbrush on the glass pieces. The pieces were then brought to the exhibition space and displayed as if they were still available for use, leaning on glass walls and windows, waiting for their final place. Being transparent and colored, they interfered with one another and the vision of the city outside.


After being exposed to the sunlight entering the space during the show, that was absorbed and reflected by the new color transitions painted on them, the pieces probably returned to the dark basement. In standby mode again.