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The idea was to transform Capela do Morumbi into a Chromoteist chapel for the praising of color, by substituting the altar for a large, colored screen installed in front of it, cutting the space in two.


A color transition printed on the translucent screen, illuminated by rear projectors that were hidden, so one could assume sensing the effect of natural light through it. The piece was a bit angled, inclined in the direction of the viewer, to lend it weight. A concrete bench was also installed, so people could sit and be illuminated by it for as long as they wanted.


Some people asked to have their kids baptized in the chapel to have them initiated in the belief of Chromoteism, and the ceremonies involved rituals de- fined in different ways, according to the group taking part. It’s hard to tell how many people were baptized on the two Sundays dedicated to that since the experience was usually collective and spontaneous.