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Brasília RGB



Permanent installation at the Exploratorium / SESI Lab in Brasilia.


Brasilia RGB was specially conceived for the Exploratorium / SESI Lab, a space dedicated to science, art and technology that occupies the former Touring Club building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and located at the intersection between the monumental and road axes of the Plano Piloto. The work proposed by the artist is composed of twelve sliding panels of laminated and colored glass: red, blue, and green filters – the primary colors of light – which were installed in front of the glass wall of the west façade, in the Imagining Futures Gallery (first floor). Through the work viewers can watch the flow of vehicles on the roadway parallel to the building, close enough so that from the outside they can also see the internal space through the RGB glass. These filters can be manipulated by visitors, who experiment with superimpositions and effects of chromatic combinations, transforming the view of the landscape and also the atmosphere inside the room. The incidence of sunlight produces colored projections on the gallery floor, which move throughout the day, changing color and intensity. Since there is no fixed composition of the set of filters, the exploration of the countless possible variations by the public is a perceptive and speculative experience, one of imagination. Each person or group moving the panels creates unique images and atmospheres, and the better they understand how the color-light mixtures operate in these devices, the more intentional are the effects produced.