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Light Corrections

Göteborg, 2005


Cinema with no film: Color-correction filters used by cinematographers are calibrated for the record on film, but when there is no film, in the naked-eye experience and with ambient light, effects are less predictable. They are not impressed on a solid substrate, but on subjects alone. Light Corrections, exhibited within More than This! Negotiating Realities – Göteborg Biennial, modified the light in most spaces that were part of viewers’ experiences: from the circulation areas to the rooms occupied by each artist. The curatorial proposal supported such a project demanding negotiations among the artists, and between artists and curators.


This project was also possible due to the existence of large skylights over the exhibition rooms. As they were originally covered in opaque material, the first significant transformation in the atmosphere was to recover the natural light entering the rooms by removing this material, and the second, to use filters to “correct” its color and temperature, creating specific light for each work/artist.