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Clube Internacional do Recife



MAMAM – Museu de Arte Moderna Aloisio Magalhães ocuppies a building that hosted soirées and balls of the Clube Internacional do Recife in the 1910s and ‘20s. On the old preserved skylight, we can see the Club’s logo painted among roses and latticework. Disabled by a renovation on the roof that closed the sunlight entrance, the skylight was recovered and received light bulbs, color filters, and digital programming for the new lighting, thus converted into an upside-down dance floor of sorts. Blinking light sequences were recorded with rhythms and chromatic series designed for the work, which must be exhibited in loop to activate it.


The first exhibition of Clube Internacional do Recife was like a re-inauguration ball of the old club: that night, exceptionally, the lights were operated live and the stairways of the museum were taken over by a para with soundtrack by collective DJ Surpresinha (Luisa Duarte, Raul Mourão, Barrão and Flu). Every time MAMAM wishes to invoke Clube Internacional do Recife, all they have to do is turn the lights on.