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New Development



Exhibited at A Terrible Beauty Is Born – 11th Lyon Biennale

Photograph printed on vinyl canvas, metal structure

1000 x 3000 x 600 cm


New Development was a response to the rapid transformation at the former industrial area of Lyon, under a strong gentrification process, where one of the venues was located. The abandoned building of Tase silk factory where part of the 11th Lyon Biennale in 2011 took place, and the surroundings were also occupied by participating artists. The billboard installed for the work along the destroyed façade, was built with temporary scaffolding structures, similar to advertising ones. The photograph was made for the project, by choosing a box that had similar proportions to the building, its image seeming to announce a new development on the site. The remains and the terrain of the factory were sold before the opening, and destroyed during the exhibition. During the biennial days, it was possible to watch the bulldozer slowly dismantling the ruins and carrying away the wreckage.